CHEMINFO Record Number: 313
CCOHS Chemical Name: Hydrogen sulfide

Dihydrogen monosulfide
Dihydrogen sulfide
Hydrogen sulphide
Hydrosulfuric acid
Sewer gas
Sour gas
Stink damp
Sulfureted hydrogen
Sulfur hydride
Acide sulfhydrique
Hydrogene sulfure

CAS Registry Number: 7783-06-4


WHMIS 1988 Classification:
A - Compressed gas
B1 - Flammable and combustible material - Flammable gas
D1A - Poisonous and infectious material - immediate and serious effects - Very toxic
D2B - Poisonous and infectious material - Other effects - Toxic

A   B1   D1A   D2B  

WHMIS 1988 Health Effects Criteria Met by this Chemical:
D1A - Acute lethality - very toxic - immediate
D1A - TDG class 2.3 - very toxic - immediate
D2B - Eye irritation - toxic - other

WHMIS 1988 Ingredient Disclosure List:
Included for disclosure at 1% or greater.


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The Canadian supplier/importer must ensure the appropriate classification of their products according to the criteria set out in the Controlled Products Regulations (WHMIS 1988) or the Hazardous Products Regulations (WHMIS 2015).

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