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Smoke-Free Places

Last updated: October 2009

Prepared by CCOHS

The following are references to federal, provincial and territorial legislation where you will find restrictions on workplace exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in Canada and listings about smoke-free places. Legislation interpretation and enforcement varies by jurisdiction. Please see the Canadian Governmental Occupational Health & Safety Departments for contact information. For a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the legislative requirements please review the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation service plusStandards service.

In many cases, municipalities may have local by-laws that may restrict ETS in workplaces and/or public places. Please check the "Blue Pages" or other government telephone directory listings in your area to find the telephone number of the office closest to you.

Please note:

Most jurisdictions have restrictions on smoking in situations that involve working with flammable, combustible and/or explosive materials. Since these situations do not restrict tobacco smoking in terms of protecting people from the health effects of ETS, they are not included in this list.

This list is prepared by CCOHS as part of the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation service. This service is a comprehensive and easy to search compilation of the full text of Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation and critical guidelines and codes of practice from all jurisdictions. All the legislation is compiled into one convenient location and is regularly updated with amendments highlighted.

Subscribers to this service and paid learners of the CCOHS e-courses have access to the full text of the legislation listed in this document. To become a subscriber please contact Client Services.

OSH Answers

Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS): General Information and Health Effects

Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS): Workplace Policy


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Environmental Tobacco Smoke

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