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COVID-19 : Re-Opening Workplaces During and After the Pandemic

Created: May 2020

Prepared by CCOHS

Listed below, you will find timely resources with external links to credible news items and government resources dealing with the changes to the COVID-19 related restrictions in all Canadian jurisdictions. Since legislation interpretation and enforcement varies by jurisdiction, contact your jurisdiction as listed in Canadian Governmental Occupational Health & Safety Departments (

This list is prepared by CCOHS as part of the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation service . This service is a comprehensive and easy to search compilation of the full text of Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation and critical guidelines and codes of practice from all jurisdictions. All the legislation is compiled into one convenient location and is regularly updated with amendments highlighted.

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No current plans for lifting the current restrictions or the federal state of emergency.


Coronavirus: Kenney hopes to begin reopening Alberta economy in May, working ‘around the clock’ on relaunch (Global News) - April 28th, 2020

"Premier Jason Kenney told reporters on Tuesday [April 28th, 2020] that he hopes to begin reopening Alberta’s economy next month, and at the same time, to begin removing restrictions on social activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Opening Soon: Alberta’s relaunch strategy

"While we face a long road to recovery, there are good signs our collective efforts of physical distancing, good hygiene practices, and staying safe together are helping slow the spread of COVID-19. That has given government confidence to begin implementing Alberta’s relaunch strategy, a plan that puts safety first while gradually reopening businesses and activities to the public, and getting people back to work."

British Columbia

B.C. extending state of emergency to continue COVID-19 response

""The provincial state of emergency is being extended for the third time, to support the extraordinary measures taken by the Province under the Emergency Program Act to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic."


Premier Unveils Manitoba's Roadmap To Expanding Services Safely (Government of Manitoba) - April 29, 2020

"Manitoba will begin a careful, multi-phased effort next week to gradually restore services, open some businesses and increase recreational opportunities while maintaining social distancing advice, Premier Brian Pallister announced today."

Restoring safe Services: Manitoba’s Pandemic and Economic Roadmap For Recovery (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador)

"As more information becomes available and data on the current situation in Manitoba is analyzed, some measures may need to be reintroduced or new restrictions implemented to reduce any further spread of the virus."

Restoring Services (Phase One) is beginning May 4, 2020

New Brunswick

Guidance Document of General Public Health Measures During COVID-19 Recovery (Government of New Brunswick) (April 24, 2020)

This document outlines to the phases for reopening businesses and public spaces. Some services will open sooner than others depending on level of risk and potential negative impact. A gradual lifting of restrictions while watching closely for any resurgence is the best way to protect community health."

News Release: No new cases of COVID-19; helping businesses with reopening planning (April 29, 2020}

"The province’s recently announced recovery plan contains public health alert levels that outline when various sectors will reopen and when certain activities will be permitted. "

Newfoundland and Labrador

A Foundation for Living with COVID-19 (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador) - Apr 30, 2020

Newfoundland and Labrador announces a new COVID-19 Alert Level System which includes its reopening plan to loosen some public health restrictions on May 11, 2020.

Newfoundland and Labrador officials to outline early reopening plan (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - Apr 30, 2020

"Newfoundland and Labrador has released a five-alert plan to relax emergency health measures that begins today by allowing each household "bubble" to merge with one other bubble."

Northwest Territories

No current plans for lifting the current restrictions or state of emergency.

Expect strict restrictions designed to halt spread of COVID-19 in N.W.T. to continue indefinitely (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - Apr 14, 2020

Chief public health officer says restrictions won't ease up until illness's spread across Canada lessens.

Nova Scotia

No current plans for lifting the current restrictions or state of emergency.

New COVID-19 cases dropping, but Strang says it's too early to ease restrictions (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - April 28, 2020

"Nova Scotia is flattening the curve of COVID-19 cases, but not enough to reopen restaurants, take down the tape blocking parks or ease the other restrictions Nova Scotians have been living under, according to the province's chief medical officer of health."


No current plans for lifting the current restrictions or state of emergency.

Nunavut must meet three conditions before lifting COVID-19 restrictions (Nunatsiaq News) - April 28, 2020

"Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief public health officer, says restrictions but in place during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be lifted in Nunavut until three conditions are met."


Reopening Ontario after COVID-19 (Government of Ontario)

A Framework for Reopening our Province lays out the government’s approach to the next chapter in the ongoing fight to defeat COVID-19.

No date has been set for changes to the current restrictions.

Prince Edward Island

Renew PEI Together (Government of Prince Edward Island)

"Renew PEI, Together outlines the guiding principles and phased approach to reopening businesses, services and public spaces. The plan will be implemented in four distinct phases with a progressive lifting of public health measures on individuals, communities and organizations over three-week periods [beginning May 1, 2020]."

Renew Stages (Government of Prince Edward Island)

"A phased approach to relaxing COVID-19 public health restrictions for Prince Edward Island will require a concerted and cautious effort by all Islanders. This plan will be implemented in four distinct phases, with a gradual lifting of restrictions for individuals, communities and organizations."


Gradual resumption of activities under the COVID-19-related pause (Gouvernement du Québec)

"On April 28, 2020, the government announced the gradual reopening of various sectors and businesses. The reopenings, approved by public health authorities, will occur in phases according to the areas of activity and geographic zones. Consequently, in the coming weeks the resumption of activities will be authorized. However, measures must be implemented to ensure the health and safety of workers and customers."

Plan for opening schools during COVID-19

Current dates for re-opening of elementary schools. High schools will remained closed as students continue their long distance learning. (Gouvernement du Québec)

Preschools and elementary and secondary schools in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (Gouvernement du Québec)

"As preschools and elementary schools will be progressively reopened to students in all regions of Québec, with the exception of schools located in the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal [...] (Montréal metropolitan community). Those located in the Montréal metropolitan community will reopen on May 19, based on the schedule for the reopening of schools."


Phases of Re-Open Saskatchewan (Government of Saskatchewan)

Re-Open Saskatchewan will consist of five phases. The timing and order of the businesses/workplaces included in each phase is subject to change throughout the process based on a continuous assessment of transmission patterns and other factors.

Province Announces Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan (Government of Saskatchewan) - April 23, 2020

The Re-Open Saskatchewan plan consists of five phases [with Phase One beginning on May 4th 2020]. The timing and order of the businesses and workplaces included in each phase is subject to change throughout the process based on a continuous assessment of transmission patterns and other factors."

Re-Open Saskatchewan (Government of Saskatchewan)

"Re-Open Saskatchewan is a plan built on a methodical and phased-in approach to slowly and responsibly lift restrictions on businesses and services. Flattening the curve and strengthening the system will remain priorities, as will our ability to manage the current COVID-19 pressures by building capacity in the coming weeks and months. Key elements will include increased testing and contact tracing, as well as the preparation of additional space and critical equipment."


Yukon officials eye plan to reopen, but won't set a date yet (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - April 28, 2020

"Yukon Premier Sandy Silver says his government will take a "precautionary" approach to reopening the territory's economy as the risk of COVID-19 transmission begins to ease."